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The Norn Inn!

These are some of my favorite sites and the ones i find most useful to me.

Slink's Online Burrow
Slink is the creator of many brilliant cobs and many other things
including being one of the brilliant minds behind Terra Nornia

Creatures Hollywood

Bibbles Creatures World

The Norn Underground
This site has cob tutorials, downloads
and a load of other really good stuff

Pings Creatures
Home to the God Of Sarcasm.
Creator of the Polar Norn's and many other great things.

Albia 2000
A site by Alistar Maggs. Creator of Cloud 9.

The A.B.G.C Archive
A good resource for people who can't get it on their news server.

Boewolfs Creatures Page
Creator of CGM and BORG.

Emy's Albian Groove
Home to Emm A.G.C unofficial mascot.

Steer Pike

The Hippy Norn's Hangout
Another brilliant site. Lis is the other half of the brilliant
minds behind Terra Nornia and creator of many other great things.

The Creatures Community (The Official CyberLife Site)
The creators of Creatures.