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The Norn Inn!

Inorder to unzip these files you will need to use a program such as Winzip

Slink's cobs for Creatures 2

Creatures Object
Pink Lemonade Machine Pink Lemonade Vendor Download Me
Cola Machine Cola Vendor Download Me
Vixy Vendor Strained Carrots A Strained Carrot Vendor Download Me
Teddy Bear A toy to take away the loneliness Download Me
Encyclopedia The much awaited C2 EN from Slink Download Me
Cream Cheese A more nutritious cheese Download Me
Pump and Water Bottle Patch A Patch Download Me
Spoing Flower A flower that Cyberlife missed out. Download Me
No Cactus Get rid of those annoying Cacti Download Me

I hope to be adding more cobs here soon, i am, at the moment, trying to learn how to make cobs but until then i will try to find the best ones and get permisson to post them here.